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SaferNet & Grandparents

The Importance of Grandparents & Grandchildren Interacting With Each Other On The Internet, and How SaferNet Can Keep Them Safe Grandparents have a bigger impact on the development of grandchildren than you might think. According to statistics, more than 50% of grandparents see their grandchildren in person at least once a week, and over 7 […]

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Parent Story From A Real SaferNet User

The Importance of Internet Safety as a Parent, Boundaries, and How SaferNet Helps Hello, my name is Luke and I am a Dad to a 12-year-old boy. That’s us in the picture above. I wouldn’t change it for the world. However, there are quite a few things I wish I had more control of. The […]

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When Should Your Kids Start Using Social Media?

“My child is 10 years old and wants to join Instagram. She says all her friends in middle school already have an account on it. Should I allow her?” “My 14-year-old kid wants to have a personal account on Facebook. Is it safe for a teen to be on Facebook?” Yes, like you, all parents […]

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Violent Video Games and Children

Do playing violent video games make children violent? This question has been asked by many concerned parents who’ve seen their kids passionately gun down people and steal cars in the name of fun. Academia has rigorously tested this proposition with mixed results. The debate has been raging for years and refuses to die down. Recently, […]

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Keeping Kids Safe Online: A Must-Read Guide for Parents

Sorry Parents: You have a new job at hand. A critical job! And that’s to keep your kids safe online. Yes, protecting your kids from the “bad elements” in the real world is not enough. Online world is bigger, meaner, and scarier. And protecting your kids from all online dangers, be it predators, threats like […]

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Parental Control Tips for Parents

Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month! SaferNet is sharing our best parental control tips with you to ensure the safety of your children. Consider this: 67% of teenagers say they know how to hide what they do online from parents (Source: Pew Research Center). 10% have unlocked parental controls to disable filtering (Source: Pew Research […]

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Social Media Guide for Parents: Take the Matter Into Your Own Hands

Thanks to your consent (or none), the kids are on social media. How do you know if they’re accessing an adult website or not? They might be clever enough to delete history. A bigger concern – are the devices being used by you and your children safe from external threats? Take the matter into your […]

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Careful What Those Little Eyes See!

Parental Control Is Not An Option Anymore. Doggy. Your 6-year-old innocently types this word on Google hoping to get nice, cute images for her project. Yes, those cute, fuzzy canines with their heart-melting eyes pop up on the screen entertaining your child for several couple of minutes. Videos make her even happier. “But hey, what’s […]

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Sextortion – The New Blackmail Spiraling Out of Control

Amanda Todd was like every other 15-year-old teenage girl. She wanted to make new friends online. The friendly chats went a bit further when one of her friends asked her to show her breasts on camera. This is when Amanda made a mistake – complying to the request of an “online friend” she had never […]

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Anywhere Protection – Keeping Your Kids Safe Outside of Home

It’s no lie that kids are constantly put in danger daily due to the use of online chats with strangers. Unfortunately, the statistics of children and teens meeting up with strangers from the internet are going up, and the percentage of children sharing this information with their parents is not just going down, but almost […]

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