SaferNet Feature Guide

1. Adding A Device

Add multiple Devices to your SaferNet Profile. 

2. Creating A Profile

Create a Profile for each member of your family or Organization.

3. Internet On/Off

Turn off the Internet for the whole network or just individual devices. 

4. Daily Usage

Set up how much time Devices can be on the Internet every day.

5. Off Time Schedules

Limit Internet access to certain times of day!

6. Allowed/ Blocked Websites

Allow and Block certain Websites!

7. Blocked/ Allowed Apps

Allow and Block certain Apps. 

8. Filter/ Content Category Adjustments

Customize over 84 content category filters.

9. Network Visualization

See everything that is going on within your Network.

10. Entourage

See what threats are trying to take data without you knowing.

11. GPS

Locate where devices on your Network are at.

12. Internet Safety Score

See how safe the sites being traveled too are.

13. Notifications

How to adjust your notifications.