VPN 24 October, 2021    By - Jerry
Acquisition of VPNs by Big Tech Raises Privacy Concerns

“If U.S. intelligence experts believe Beijing and Moscow are leveraging Chinese and Russian-made technology to surveil Americans, surely DHS should also be concerned about Americans sending their web browsing data directly to China and Russia.” These were the words of Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) to Christopher Krebs, Director at the Cybersecurity […]

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VPN 10 May, 2022    By - Jerry
The Top 10 Best VPN Services in 2022 | A Data Privacy Guide

In this article, we will be discussing the Top 10 Best VPN Services in 2022. Most operations in the digital world today happen online. You may rely on the internet for virtually everything, from business to banking to entertainment. However, your digital footprint and data might be unsafe from prying eyes — that’s where a […]

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VPN 22 June, 2022    By - Jerry
Using The Internet Without A VPN Is Like Leaving Your House Without Locking The Front Door

Do you know using the internet without a vpn is like leaving your house without locking the front door? We’ve heard time and again how critical the threat of hacking is. Still, most of us either think we’ll avoid it or have nothing to hide for hackers to expose anyway – so why worry? This […]

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VPN 17 October, 2022    By - Jerry
VPN Protection: 5 Threats A VPN Protects Against

VPN Protection. VPNs, or virtual private networks, are one of the most heavily marketed tools advertised on the net today. VPN Protection is spoken about often, but rarely is this concept explained. What does a VPN protect against, and what doesn’t? Are all VPNs built the same? These are important questions, especially considering the vast […]

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VPN 18 October, 2022    By - Jerry
The Benefits Of Having a 24/7 Always On VPN

The Benefits Of Having a 24/7 Always On VPN. VPNs are often switched on when needed, and rarely is the notion of an always on VPN discussed. VPN users generally activate their service for a specific use case, but in reality, a VPN should stay on at all times. Before we examine the reasons why, […]

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VPN 6 November, 2023    By - Denis Ring
VPN for Small Businesses: Why Every SME Needs One

In an age where digital skiffs cross the vast ocean of the internet, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly finding themselves amidst a storm of cyber threats. VPN for Small Businesses isn’t just a lifeline; it’s an essential piece of navigational equipment. But why is a VPN so crucial for SMEs, and what makes […]

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VPN 7 November, 2023    By - Denis Ring
The Benefits of Using the Best VPN Service for Your Business

Tuning Up for Cybersecurity Imagine cybersecurity as a grand symphony, and your business is the headlining act. To hit the high notes, you need the Best VPN Service to orchestrate a seamless performance. SaferNet VPN is the maestro’s baton that ensures every note of your company’s data remains harmonious and secure. The VPN Ensemble – […]

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VPN 13 November, 2023    By - Denis Ring
VPN for Privacy: Your Invisibility Cloak in the Digital Realm

In an era where our digital footprints are tracked with the precision of a cartographer, the concept of VPN for Privacy transforms from a tech buzzword into a critical lifeline. SaferNet VPN stands at the vanguard, offering a sanctuary where your online activities are shrouded in the cloak of invisibility, allowing you to traverse the […]

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VPN 15 November, 2023    By - Denis Ring
Affordable VPN Services: Securing Your Digital Realm

Affordable VPN Services: Securing Your Digital Realm Embark on a quest in the vast kingdom of the internet, where dragons of data breaches lurk and goblins of hackers prowl. Fear not, for there exists a magical shield known as the VPN (Virtual Private Network). But alas, not all heroes have overflowing chests of gold. Worry […]

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VPN 16 November, 2023    By - Denis Ring
VPN for Remote Employees: Ensuring Security Beyond Office Walls

VPN for Remote Employees: Ensuring Security Beyond Office Walls Navigating the Digital Highways Safely Imagine the internet as a vast, bustling city. As remote employees, we navigate this digital metropolis daily, often without considering the security risks lurking in its unseen alleys. This is where VPN for remote employees becomes our digital security guard, especially […]

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