Social Media Guide for Parents: Take the Matter Into Your Own Hands

Thanks to your consent (or none), the kids are on social media. How do you know if they’re accessing an adult website or not? They might be clever enough to delete history. A bigger concern – are the devices being used by you and your children safe from external threats? Take the matter into your own hands by securing your cyberspace from any kind of threat:

Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Smart home devices are increasing at an unprecedented rate. So is the threat of cyber-attacks and malicious activities. An estimated 60 -70% of all wireless networks DO NOT use any type of encryption and are thus vulnerable to security threats. 90% of connected devices store personal information (Source: TechGenix, 2005). No wonder there’s a new victim of identity theft every 2 seconds (Source: Javelin Strategy & Research)!

There is no stopping cyber-attacks. But you can stop them attacking your home!

No, a commercial antivirus software is not the solution. 55% of cyber-attacks go unnoticed by them (Source: The Guardian). You need a wireless network solution to have 100% security. SaferNet is a cloud- based Wi-Fi security software which creates a protective shell around your home’s IoT ecosystem, ensuring that not only your devices but your kid’s data is secured. SaferNet’s user-friendly dashboard shows all threats that are blocked in real time.

Even better, SaferNet lets you have your own Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you don’t know what a VPN is, it is a service that secures your internet from hackers trying to steal your information or redirect you to fraud websites.

Block Adult Content

Porn is a big concern for every parent. Children are getting exposed to pornography very early, some as early as 6 years. Even if children don’t go finding porn, porn finds them. A click by mistake, a pop-up ad, a video on social media timeline – there are many loopholes from where objectionable content can manifest on the child’s screen. Do we even need to say they need to be blocked? Duh!

Monitor Excessive Usage of Social Media

Social media risks are not always as big as sexting, cyber-bullying, sextortion, or pornography. Small aspects such as excessive usage of social media can have a significant impact on your child’s health, sleeping pattern, eating habits, and psychological well-being. There are many studies finding disturbing relationship between Facebook and depression among adolescents, social media and eating disorders. Regulate this usage by fixing the number of hours your kids can use internet.

If both the parties have agreed to 2 hours being the maximum time, let SaferNet automatically disable internet after that time. Obviously, you can’t be standing over your child 24/7 to count their usage!

SaferNet’s internet security solution offers easy to use Parental Controls “Family Time”, “Bed Times” and “Time Outs”. Its intuitive interface lets you monitor the internet usage, disable devices, block apps, and evaluate the current status of malware viruses being filtered out on a daily basis – all with clicks of a button on your mobile phone. In short, SaferNet promises to be your kids digital parent!

Control Apps, Websites and Content

Your kids are much smarter than you think, at least digitally. They know you check their smartphones regularly to see which apps are installed and browse their activity. A recent Colorado sexting scandal revealed use of photo vault apps that hide nude pictures by appearing to be a media player or a calculator. You need to be one step ahead of your children or be as smart. Know what your kids are doing online – apps visited (past and present) and applications visited (past and present) with a Wi-Fi security software.

Know what, when, where and how your home network is being used with SaferNet.

There are many home network security devices in the market. SaferNet is the only solution which is 100% cloud-based. No hardware installations! Not any. Every online activity and safety measure can be accessed with the click of a button on your device. And it is not just devices at your homes that we safeguard, we help secure a business network too.

Ensuring a safer internet for your child is not the responsibility of government and cyber cells alone. They aren’t safe in the first place. Take the matter into your hands starting today!

P.S. We would love to know your thoughts on social media age restrictions for children. When did you let your child join any of the social networking sites? Any advice for other parents? Post your comments in the box below.

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