365 Christian Men

Partnering With 365 Christian Men

365 Christian Men is a project built on truths about God and His character. God cares deeply about each man and has a specific purpose for every man’s life. We have developed a daily “Inspirational Stories of Real Men”. We believe that God has been using men to write His stories since the beginning of time and he continues to tell His stories through the lives of men today. From pastors and missionaries to mechanics and barbers, both historical and modern day, these stories inspire and encourage men to overcome their own obstacles and live out their faith.

SaferNet is a cybersecurity and internet control company that shares the same values and goals as 365 Christian Men. We believe that every man’s story is important, and not yet completed.   SaferNet provides tools for men to overcome obstacles and adjust from mistakes to help in personal growth and spiritual development.  SaferNet also is providing tools to keep you and your loved ones or people that you are responsible for safe while they are online.  We are excited to help men refocus, redirect or protect the story of their lives. That’s why we are proud to partner with 365 Christian Men.

At SaferNet, we understand that controlling access to the internet is an important part of protecting yourself and your family from harmful content. Our cybersecurity product provides over 85 filters to help you block unwanted portions of the internet, such as pornography or other harmful content.

With SaferNet, you can take control of your online experience and protect your devices from unwanted access. We are committed to helping you stay safe and secure online, so that you can focus on what matters most – your faithfamily, and personal growth.

SaferNet’s 3-In-One Cybersecurity Strategy provides the ultimate internet security: VPNVirus Protectionand Internet Controls.

Offering software that integrates the 3 foundational tools for proper CyberSecurity can be immensely beneficial for individuals and organizations alike. SaferNet stands out by providing a simple CyberSecurity strategy that combines these three most essential tools into a single, user-friendly app.

With a VPN, users can establish a secure and private connection while browsing the internet. This ensures that their online activities remain shielded from potential eavesdropping or tracking by third parties. This means that anytime you, your loved ones or your business associates are accessing the internet they are doing so through a completely encrypted connection just like the military uses.  Because the VPN is always connected with our unique 24/7 always on strategy a business owner or a father can rest easy knowing that their network is always protected.

Virus protection is another crucial component of a comprehensive security suite. By preventing malware infections, it keeps users’ devices safe from cyber threats. SaferNet’s cloud-based virus protection is one of the first lines of defence against viruses, and its effectiveness can’t be overstated.

Internet controls enable users and businesses to monitor and restrict online activities while promoting a safe and productive online environment from an easy to use dashboard. This feature can be especially useful for individuals wanting to block dangerous areas of the internet that might cause them struggles as well as a great tool for organizations or families looking to maintain a secure and productive work and home environment while safeguarding their sensitive data and intellectual property from cyber threats.

Join the SaferNet community today and take control of your online experience. With our comprehensive cybersecurity solution, you can protect yourself and your family from unwanted content and online threats.

Plus, when you sign up now, SaferNet will donate a portion of your purchase to support 365 Christian Men. By joining SaferNet, you not only protect yourself, but you also support a community of men who are striving to live out their faith and make a difference in the world. Sign up now and become a part of the SaferNet and 365 Christian Men community.