SaferNets Combined
3-In-1 Cybersecurity Strategy

SaferNet is a Cybersecurity App (for any device) connected to a control center dashboard in the cloud. We provide a very easy-to-use 3-in-1 Cybersecurity solution for small to medium-sized businesses and families. We believe cybersecurity is needed for everyone, but for that to be possible, it needs to be simple. To this end, we have engineered our solution to cover the three key areas of remaining secure online: a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Internet Controls, and Virus Protection.

A closer

Our 256-bit VPN encryption high security VPN stays on 24/7 and has been designed to connect all your devices to our dashboard in the cloud, which enables all connected devices to utilize our robust secure and monitoring tools. When any of your business’s devices are connected to our 24/7 always-on encrypted VPN service, all data transferred to the internet is securely encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption, the highest available encryption level used by the military and banking industries.

In your private dashboard you will have 200 Internet Controls to help manage and monitor all your businesses or families connected devices. These give you internet access control with 84 choices of internet filtering based on categories, on/off times, and white and blacklisting of websites with our website blocking VPN as well as our app blocker. Also included is the ability to visualize all traffic as well as see and stop what we call entourage (that secret traffic trying to steal data off your device). Moreover, within this entire system, we scrub for all known viruses within the closed mobile network.

With our newly designed internet Virus Protection, you will eliminate viruses in the cloud before they ever get the chance to reach your business’s devices. SaferNet uses OpenSSL encryption, and the machine-learning-fuelled DNS-filtering and domain identification means that connected devices are protected from today’s malware threats and those of tomorrow. These best practices and cybersecurity methods ensure that business devices using our network have completed security wherever they are connected. SaferNet’s Viruses protection software is great virus protection for laptops, desktops, and any smart phone, basically anything that is accessing the internet can use our internet virus protection. SaferNet has one of the most advanced virus protections for windows systems with our windows virus protection, as well as newly design protection for macOS.

we aim to simplify cybersecurity
for all

At SaferNet, we realize the world of Cybersecurity can be inaccessible.

Technical jargon, high costs, and an ever-evolving digital landscape push many business leaders away from Cybersecurity, and often they are the people who need it most.

This is why we created SaferNet – to offer a simple 3-in-1 solution that would take care of any businesses Cybersecurity needs with absolute clarity and without the confusion that usually accompanies the concept. We believe Cybersecurity is for everyone, but for that to hold true it needs to be simple.

with safernet, cybersecurity is just a click away


Using our network visualization technology, monitor all activity on your network


Our internet control settings give you full control of access settings across all connected devices


Malware, Ransomware, Phishing Attempts and more can be a worry of the past while using SaferNet