Blog 13 November, 2019    By - Brad Hawkins
SaferNet’s VPN+ Aims To Revolutionize Cyber-Safety

SaferNet is revolutionizing cyber-safety. SaferNet’s (VPN+) app provides privacy, protection and control of the internet for all end point devices anywhere in the world. Below is our recent interview with Brad Hawkins, CEO of SaferNet:    Q: You call yourself a (VPN+) app. What is the difference between a VPN and a VPN+? A: Experts say that to […]

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Blog 12 March, 2020    By - Denis Ring
Working From Home

  Working from home (WFH) is a possibility for many workers these days, with more and more companies and employers giving employees the option, and sometimes even hiring for fully remote positions. The rise of the digital nomad and ease-of-access to co-working apps and video communications has many of us to work in ways that […]

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Blog 4 February, 2024    By - Jaideep Singh
Exploring SaferNet’s 3-In-One Cybersecurity Strategy

The need for cybersecurity is undeniable in today’s digital world. However, online security is often clouded by technical jargon, high costs, and complexity, discouraging many businesses and families from taking the necessary steps to protect themselves. At SaferNet, we recognized this challenge and are on a mission to simplify cybersecurity with our innovative 3-in-One Cyber […]

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