The Danger Of Unsecured Networks

Coffee shops are good places to take a break, catch up with a friend, or maybe get some work done over a hot cup of joe. What many don’t realize is that when you connect to the net in a coffee shop, you’re doing so over public wifi, which is unsecured. This means anything you do can be seen by those on the same network. In short, hackers can scan your devices for personal information like banking passwords and social media credentials.

Doing this isn’t difficult, and just about anyone capable of Googling it can find out how. Public wifi is accessible, but it presents a huge security problem, one that isn’t going away anytime soon. We have an answer – And that answer is SaferNet. SaferNet uses an advanced virtual private network to protect your information, meaning hackers can’t get in. SaferNet protects your devices no matter where you connect to public wifi, ensuring your data is safe. Get protected in seconds with SaferNet today by visiting

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