Complete security package

SaferNet’s connection gets you encrypted connection as well as virus protection, and full internet controls helping you securely connect. Unlike other VPN’s that just try to spoof your ip address or encrypt traffic,


Stop attackers before they get in

SaferNet stands out from other cybersecurity solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Instead of burdening computers with device-focused software that attempts to isolate malware, our VPN prevents attacks from reaching your employees' devices in the first place.


Easy to set-up

SaferNet stands out from many internet control tools by offering a user-friendly dashboard that doesn't require constant IT oversight for setup and maintenance. This makes it easy for anyone to protect their organization from cyber threats and maintain a secure connection.

About Us

Welcome to Safernet,
where cybersecurity meets simplicity.

SaferNet brings cutting-edge VPN solution designed to make your digital defence seamless, Our Commitment is to extend protection to every corner where your team operates, fortified by device-level filters that create an impenetrable shield.

At SaferNet we recognize the evolving nature of cyber threats and a need for a comprehensive defence strategy. Our VPN not only encrypts and secures data but empowers your workplace to excel remotely. We understand the weakest link in security, and that’s why our device level filters ensures a fortified foundation for your business.

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You deserve protection without
the hassle and complexity that often
comes with cybersecurity.

As more and more undetected hackers put small businesses out of business, everyday owners of small businesses with remote staff are unprotected from the risk of ransomware.

  • “I have no idea what we should be doing around cybersecurity.”
  • “I hear about hackers and I’m afraid they might do some damage to my business.”
  • “My accounting team is spending too much time on tiktok.”
  • ...


    of small businesses that get a major attack end up going out of business.

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    of hackers target small businesses.

  • ...


    of small businesses that get a major attack end up going out of business.

  • Cloud Based Internet Management and Filters

    Maximize business efficiency by filtering unneeded apps and websites from business devices with our virtual private network

    Catch potential problems before they are

    Manage Your Network Wherever You Are

    Toggle 200 Internet Controls and Filters

    Internet Activity Kill switch stops online activity

  • Always-on Ultra-fast Online VPN

    Never forget to turn on your VPN with our 24 7 VPN Always On

    Hackers will not have access to your device with our Cyber Security VPN

    Protection 24/7 Wherever You Connect From

  • Stops Malware, Ransomware and Viruses

    Internet Security VPN stops Malware before it reaches your devices

    Keeps Ransomware from traveling throughout your network with a Secure VPN

    Security Against Phishing, Spyware, Trojans, Keyloggers, Botnets, Ransomware, And More

    State-Of-The-Art Shielding Against Online Trackers & Advertisers

Securing your business is easy

It’s easy to get, install and use SaferNet’s Cybersecurity
by VPN complete security package.





30-Day Money Back Guaranteefrom


Setup your profile user or department

Download Safernet Cybersecurity by VPN on each device

30-Day Money Back Guaranteefrom


See and adjust profiles

Control access

30-Day Money Back Guaranteefrom

Get protected with Safernet


Cyber attacks
Stopped per month


Malicious urls
Blocked per month


Hazardous objects
Neutralized per month


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