Online Protection For Families

For many families, the Coronavirus has changed day-to-day life at home. Parents are working from home, and kids are learning at home. If a child previously had little or no access to technology, they may suddenly have more – Some schools are operating online, and more games, chat, facetime and email come into the picture. Technology can be great tool, but with a stark increase in online times lately, its ugly side has become more visible – This great tool can be misused, and children can become a target for not only cyberattacks, but also inappropriate content. We’ve put together a few simple steps to help keep your kids safe online during this time, and how SaferNet can be your ally for it


Cyberattacks have always been a threat, but with an increase of people going online for longer sessions, the amount of cyberattacks have risen – by 37%. Like a thief trying to break into a house, the hacker will always look for the easiest route in, and in this case it’s the much younger ones in the family. A child may not be able to discern what sites, links, and emails are trustworthy, and a simple wrong click can mean giving an attacker access to the whole network. No matter what you or your child’s level of cybersecurity education is, SaferNet provides a frontline defense against dangerous clicks such as these – With our 256-bit VPN activated, any attempted journeys to the dark parts of the net will be immediately blocked, and your child’s device and network will remain untouched


Off-Time Schedules and Internet Off-Switch

Phones, tablets, laptops and desktops can serve as great entertainment at times like this, but it’s important to switch off from time-to-time too. This is perhaps more important during the pandemic due to the increased risk of internet addiction. Off-time scheduling is a great tool within SaferNet’s Internet Controls – using this, you can schedule users off-time. For example, a child may not need internet access during the night until the morning – With SaferNet, you make it so their devices have no internet connection from 8pm-7am. Similarly, the InterNet Off-Switch can be used instantly at times when you don’t want a child on their devices – dinner times, family times, etc.



As mentioned previously, chat applications, emails, and other communication apps are becoming increasingly popular as kids look to stay in touch with their friends. Unknown to parents, there can often be inappropriate links sent around in these apps or emails, leading to porn, gore, violence, or other unwanted websites. No matter where the link comes from your kids device, we’re here to help. Any access to inappropriate content is stopped right away; we categorize the web into 84 categories, and you decide what’s inappropriate and what’s not.


Decide On What Apps Your Kids Can Use

It’s important to decide what apps your kids will be using during this time – For communication, gaming, and more. It’s not difficult for a child to download just about any app out there and use it in secret, but we can help with that. We have already identified nearly 50 apps that could be harmful, and can be blocked right now from SaferNet. Looking to block an app but it’s not on our list? Reach out to us, and we’ll add it our Allowed/Blocked Apps list right away.


Talk To Your Kids

Clear communication with kids about digital threats is invaluable. Talk to them – Are they aware of harmful risks in cybersecurity? Do they know there’s content out there that it’s not okay for them to see? Do they know about privacy and keeping private information to themselves – What are they posting online, and to who? Communication has always been key, now more than ever.


The global pandemic brings a lot of questions and worries, especially in the home. With SaferNet, the Internet doesn’t need to be one of them. Using SaferNet, you can ensure the protection of your little ones online, and ensure technology as a tool is being used the right way.

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