If you miss this, you’re missing everything

Have we slowed down enough to realize what’s really going on around us?

Most of the time we live for the next moment.

The next scroll.

The next swipe.

The next notification.

Right now we even anticipate the next bit of news declaring “projected peak of virus” or “what happened when this person decided not to stay home.” So much of our lives are centered around our next move, the next meeting, or the next experience. Have we really taken the time to realize how exhausting this becomes? Our company was created for one reason. To give you a choice where there used to be none.


If you have SaferNet then you have a head start over anyone else. You are empowered to keep safe, stay private, and control your digital world. But there is ONE thing SaferNet cannot do. We cannot tell you what to do.

That, dear friend, is your choice and yours alone.

What is the choice before you right now? It is wrapped in that word “NOW”. It’s the choice to stay present. It’s the choice to engage with those right in front of you. Or to perform the task in front of you. What happens when we make this choice is remarkable. We increase the value either for the person or the task at hand.


While this message is not focused on the capabilities of SaferNet, we wanted to address what you are going through. So many of us are staying home and living at a totally different pace than usual. We at SaferNet want to encourage you to make the choice to put the technology down and recognize what is going on around you.


Raise the value of the moment.

Be well. Be present.

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