The Infection Nobody Is Talking About

With a large portion of us now working from home, we are getting used to a new way of traversing our work day…

With this comes some changes, and some of us get more relaxed in our habits. You might dress more casually than you would in the office. You can play music or listen to podcasts on full volume. Your cat or dog can hang out with you all day. If you previously had a long commute to work, you can stay in bed a little longer in the morning.

The Infection Nobody Is Talking About

Without being in a physical office a lot of things can change, some for the better. You might experience issues too though – Your internet may not be comparable to the speed you get in the office, communication with colleagues takes a few more steps than it usually does, and probably worst of all, there’s no free coffee. There is however, one BIG thing you’re missing that you likely may not be aware of – You don’t have access to corporate cybersecurity.

Like having a spare set of car keys, having cybersecurity is not something people realize they’re missing until they really, really need it – and that point, it’s too late. Most businesses will have some form cybersecurity in their systems, or a whole in-house IT team to look after it.

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Most businesses are also entirely unprepared for this historic moment in time; when they have to send the majority of workers home completely unprotected from cyber threats.

Many companies have seen their productivity decrease during this time but for hackers, data harvesters, cybercriminals and digital intruders it’s open-season. Unsecured networks, home security that is out of date, and working on personal devices; all of these circumstances create the perfect opportunity for the shadowy digital underground to strike. And that’s where we step in! SaferNet has empowered thousands of people to carry their own shielded protection against the masses of cybercriminals and crooks out there on the web. We’ve given kids, adults, senior citizens, and people from all walks of life a simple-to-use, easy-to-setup, all-in-one tool to live their digital life without worry, and in complete security.

SaferNet is an economical and smart solution to protect yourself from the dangers of the Internet. Best of all, you can try Safernet for 14-days, absolutely free. We can’t tell you how long these days will last; where social distancing and staying inside are the standard of the day, but we can guarantee that during these times and beyond, we will stand by your side as Guardians of the Internet. Spend time online without worrying, and without the fear of being a victim of cybercrime; Join SaferNet Today!

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