Digital Herd Immunity

Internet Security shouldn’t be a secret…

As SaferNet users, you have empowered yourselves, your families, or your businesses to live in digital freedom, safe from the evils of the Internet. Like a vaccine, your SaferNet service protects your devices against malicious attacks; malware, phishing attempts, trojans, spyware, and more.

During this pandemic, we have seen the best of humanity come to the forefront; Neighbors helping neighbors, friends reaching out to others in need, the community supporting their healthcare workers – social distancing is bringing people together by keeping them apart. While we as people try to slow the spread of a physical virus, the spread of digital viruses has increased dramatically.

digital herd immunity

Examining reports from other security professionals, and monitoring our own servers, we have seen an alarming rise in cyberattacks over the course of the last few weeks. With more people at home and online, hackers and digital bad actors have ramped up their productivity to snare unsuspecting individuals, families and businesses who have moved to a new work-from-home reality.

Naturally, if you feel safe, your objective should be to help everyone else feel safe. If you are protected, your objective should be to get others protected too. Internet security shouldn’t be a secret, and so your SaferNet service shouldn’t be either. By telling friends, family, or small businesses you’re in contact with about SaferNet, you can help build Digital Herd Immunity against online viruses. Many SaferNet users have already made their local internet communities safer by just talking about their service, while others have signed up to our referral program to make generous commissions from educating others on the threats of cybersecurity.

digital herd immunity

Hearing about friends and families being hacked, having their information stolen, or having their devices get damaged is never good. Together, we can put an end to this. Together, we can be stronger against the spread of a digital pandemic.

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