CyberSecurity For Business

Every business has a sales strategy, but not all have a cybersecurity strategy — especially small to medium businesses.Only 53% of companies with fewer than 50 employees put a priority on cybersecurity. There are some reasons for this neglect:

  • Overall lack of education about how dangerous cyberattacks can be
  • Smaller businesses feel that because of their size, they won’t be targeted
  • Many businesses don’t even realize they’ve been compromised—because the stolen information is being used for a larger scheme involving multiple targets (55% of attacks go unnoticed initially)
  • Financial cost of a cybersecurity solution

Businesses are playing a dangerous game with this approach. There is a cyberattack globally every 39 seconds — and 43% of these are against small businesses. Financially, these attacks cost companies an average of $200,000, which is enough to sink many small businesses immediately. Besides the immediate monetary cost of an attack or breach, there are other serious consequences to consider — Loss or damage to electronic data, lawsuits if consumer information is stolen, and irreparable damage to a company’s reputation that could deter potential future customers. Cybersecurity should not be looked upon as an extra or optional expense for a company, but as a key pillar to any company’s foundation before beginning operations. Furthermore, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a 37% increase in overall cyberattacks — These can be particularly devastating at a time when small businesses are financially struggling already due to the pandemic.


Many large businesses may have in-house cybersecurity to deal with threats in the office, however, one of the largest growing cyber threats against any business is being created by the inherit vulnerability of Bring Your Own Device, or “BYOD” culture. Previously much of this came in the form of employee mobile devices; a worker may have access to mobile documents or business email accounts on their phone. Mobile services and smartphone functionalities are rapidly expanding, and with that comes the expansion of the sophistication and volume of cyberattacks against them. Despite having previously mentioned in-house security, the corporate sector is still a long way from coming to grips with rapidly expanding mobile security exposures. This issue has become intensified with the COVID-19 pandemic — Not only are employee mobile devices at risk, many are now working from home on their own laptop or desktop accessing sensitive business systems on entirely unsecured networks. Together, all these factors have created a cyberattack “perfect storm” on the business sector, that will wreak havoc for a very long time.

cybersecurity solution

SaferNet is the perfect solution to the cybersecurity issues that businesses face today. It not only connects every device using a secure, 24/7 always on, military grade VPN, but it also stops outside cyberthreats, malware and viruses as well. On SaferNet, all employees are fully protected anywhere in the world, all the time, on any cellular or Wi-Fi network. In addition to SaferNet’s VPN andcyber protection, it also offers a range of employee controls including internet filtering, monitoring, scheduling, and blocking access to websites or even entire website categories. Typically, a business would need 3 separate services for a VPN, Malware Protection, and Internet Controls; SaferNet offers all 3 features in one service.

SaferNet truly is an endpoint security presence that can be implemented in minutes around the world, on phones, laptops, tablets, and computers at an economical price point that caters to all size of businesses. SaferNet guarantees a smooth setup and installation process that takes only minutes, and an easily accessible control hub for you to monitor your all employee’s devices; including activity, time spent online, and threats blocked.

Protect your business and employees with SaferNettoday, and have peace of mind that your online and network safety is assured.

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