Cyber Threats – What’s An Entourage and Why is it Dangerous?

It’s no secret that advertising is everywhere, and unavoidable. However, advertising to your children is a market that has been brought to light recently. “It is estimated that advertisers spend more than $12 billion per year to reach the youth market and that children view more than 40,000 commercials each year.”


No wonder there are so many ads on your kids’ favorite apps, or even when watching their favorite show on TV. Advertisement isn’t necessarily a bad thing amongst adults, if they’re educational enough about a product you might consider buying at a grocery store for example, you might go out and buy it. But the impact advertising has on children is absolutely unacceptable.

A couple example of this are:

  • Advertisements on children’s apps with inappropriate or offensive content
  • Manipulative advertisements for junk food with the intent of targeting children
  • Advertisements for alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes that are targeted to today’s youth

Unfortunately, with almost any app you can get in Google Play or Apple’s App Store, advertisement will always be there.

The disturbing part of it is that younger children can’t differentiate when a game for example, leaves and the advertisement starts, and it takes 20-30 seconds for an X to pop up and turn off the ad.

But children that young don’t know they’re seeing an ad, and think it’s part of the game, so they keep watching and absorbing this information blindly.

Now, for parents that already use SaferNet, we have a list called an “Entourage” that you can get to in your profile. An entourage is essentially a list of websites in your network that track your IP address and try to find you and advertise to you. These are dangerous especially in the example that that someone using your IP address was looking inappropriate content, and they’ve now tracked you and start advertising to your family about this content. And then what happens? A toddler accidentally clicks on violent pornography advertisements. For people that don’t use SaferNet, there could be potentially hundreds of websites tracking your IP address and bombarding you with targeted ads.

The bottom line is that our kids’ activities should be kept as innocent as they are, and we strive for their safety and well-being at SaferNet.

One of our main features is blocking ads. They’re not only annoying, they’re potentially dangerous on a scale of identity theft. Our VPN technology protects against malware, botnets, ransomware, etc. that could be hidden in an advertisement trying to get your personal information. Imagine letting your child play with an app on your phone and they’ve opened an ad and started using your Google Wallet account? Now the person on the other side has your whereabouts and bank information. How scary is that?

Check out SaferNet’s features and start protecting your children today for $7.99/month: