How to Install SaferNet to Your iPhone and iOS Devices

How to Install SaferNet to Your iPhone

        1. To download SaferNet to your iOS Device, first go to  in your preferred internet browser.
      1.  2. Next, click on the button that says “Download On The App Store”. or simply go to…
      2.  3. In the Apple App Store, click the “GET” Button and then click “INSTALL”.
      3.  4. You may be required to sign-in with your Apple ID.
      4.  5. This will install SaferNet to your Android device.
      5. 6. Next, open SaferNet on your iOS Device.
      6.  7. Enter your SaferNet Username and Password.
      7.  8. A Device Setup menu will appear asking you who will be using this device with all available profiles listed.
      8.  9. Choose the profile that you wish to be loaded onto this device and press “Start Protection.”
      9.  10. Press “Allow” to add SaferNet VPN Configurations.
      10.  11. You may be required to authenticate your ID to do this.
      11.  12. Success! Congratulations, SaferNet is now monitoring, controlling and protecting your iOS Device!