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It’s time you knew without a doubt that your personal information is safe. 

They can see what you do, see your habits as well as gather your information. With a SaferNet VPN we can make your device invisible and secure. Essentially, you get to choose who gets invited to your house.

Now you get to keep your life and personal information safe. Not even hackers, predators or the US Navy will find you if you don’t want them to. You will also get Entourage, exclusive to SaferNet, so you can see the attempts to harvest your personal data from your devices. Every single failed attempt.


Any network. Any Device. Any where in the world. You are now fully protected.

Relax. Stop wondering if the WiFi or cell network is safe. Anywhere in the world on any device, our CyberSafety technology protects you from all known cyber threats.

No matter what network your device connects to, when our technology is activated on your device it is able to thwart any known cyber attacks. We can see and stop viruses, keyloggers, malware, botnets, trojans, adware, and phishing software to name a few. 

But CyberSafety doesn’t just prevent attacks like these, we can detect identity thieves and cyber predators as well. Even in your sleep.

We’re the personal digital immune system all the others wish they had.