Free VPN

Free VPN for School, Work, or Play.

Free VPN for School, Work, or Play.

Our VPN uses 256-bit encryption as used by the World Bank providing you and your identity protection from cyber thieves and blocking cyber predators from identifying who you are. Our FREE VPN is always on unless need to pause it.

Free VPN for School, Work, or Play.

Our FREE VPN cloud-based software and apps run on the most devices including Mac, IOS, Android, PC, Chrome, and Amazon Fire. Our free VPN allows you to see the traffic and activity on your network by User and Device.

Free VPN for School, Work, or Play.

Our SaferNet “Anywhere Protection” is designed to work on wifi or cellular networks across town or around the world. Giving you peace of mind wherever your travels take you.

Anywhere Protection On Wifi And Cellular.
Unlimited Users And Devices.
No Credit Cards Needed.
FREE, FREE, FREE, Forever.

Our Mission

To Create a Safer Internet!

Our FREE VPN was created to be a gift to the “world” and help us fulfill our mission. In addition to our FREE VPN App, our cloud-based family of Full-Featured, Low-Cost, Premium Products provides you and your loved ones everything you need to keep them safe online on all your devices anywhere in the world. To learn more about our family of products go to

We Give 2% of Net Profits to Invest in Organizations that Rescue, Protect and Restore Kids Enslaved in Sex Trafficking

Our commitment to protecting you and your family is our top priority; however, we also help those caught up in sex trafficking through our “Give Back Program” that invests in organizations that rescue, protect and restore those enslaved in sex and human trafficking. This FREE Porn Blocker was developed to help fulfill our Mission to “Create a Safer Internet” and is the centerpiece of our Give Back Program.


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